16-04-10 Pothole Damage
Will Argyll and Bute Council insurance pay for this?

Sent in by a friend


Here's a couple of shots of one of Tom Lee's wheels, damaged today by a pothole on the Carradale Road.


Tom encountered this damage on Monday 12th April at Baraskomill Farm just outside Campbeltown on the B842 to Carradale.He had known about the state of the roads like most of us commuters and would move over to avoid the deep craters in the road but on this occasion traffic appeared in the opposite direction suddenly making this impossible hence despite slowing hit one of them.

May be the council had numerous comlaints after that from road users because the next day they were all temporary filled in.If you have any road issues to mention or damage done to your vehicle, please e-mail me.

Pics of Toms wheel.

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Date:21 April
Re: Pothole damage

We are having to renew suspension components on my wife’s car. It is a 4x4 and only done 10000 miles on local roads but obviously the punishment that Argyll potholes dishes out is too much for most cars.

Colin Burgess

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