16-04-08 Joint Warrior
We can expect to see more military ships and aircraft over the next week or two as a major exercise gets underway off the west of Scotland.

Exercise Joint Warrior (NW081) will run from 21 April to 2 May 2008, and involve 36 warships and 70 aircraft from sixteen NATO countries. Most of the action will take place in the Minch and the Sea of the Hebrides.

Throughout the week ships have been arriving in the Clyde and Faslane area, and submarines have been coming and going, including HMS Bulwark .

Also active in the North Channel and Firth of Clyde is D32 Daring, soon to be HMS Daring and the first of the Royal Navy's new Type 45 Destroyers, currently in the middle of five weeks of sea trials.

Tantalisingly close, yet too far away for photography, I know a number of people are keeping an eye on her via our ship plotter in the hope that she'll sail up the Kilbrannan Sound sometime soon.
[Exercise Joint Warrior NW081]

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