16-04-07 Seat of Kings
A few days ago we took the opportunity to go up to Kilmartin Glen and visit the ancient hillfort of Dunadd.

This was an immensely important site in days gone by, where many kings of early Scotland were crowned, and is one of Scotland's foremost archaeological sites.

Unassuming, perhaps, when viewed from the ground it is only when you make the climb to the summit that you fully appreciate the commanding view of the countryside that it provides.

As you approach the summit you come across a large stone slab, into which has been carved the impression of a foot. The stone is also inscribed with a boar, and several lines of writing including rare Ogham script. Nearby a stone bowl has also been carved into the rock.

Further up the glen lies Kilmartin itself, surrounded by the ancient mounds and monuments. All in all a very worthwhile trip.
[Dunadd, Kilmartin Glen]

[Dunadd, Kilmartin Glen][Dunadd, Kilmartin Glen][Dunadd, Kilmartin Glen]

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