16-04-05 EKCC Election Results
Goatie didn't make it back to Carradale in time for Thursday's epic EKCC Vote Count and subsequent inaugural meeting of the newly elected EKCC but thanks to Mr Durnan we have been supplied with the results.

So, in order of votes, the tally was as follows:
Shelagh Galbraith 306 (Chairperson)
Lachie Paterson 285 (Vice Chair)
Geoff Page 214 (Secretary)
Stuart Irvine 202 (Treasurer)
Ronnie Brownie 191 (Planning & Licence)
Brian Gee 141
Johnny Durnan 123
Matt McMillan 80
Alen Oman 51
From a rough calculation of the number of votes cast the turnout was an impressive 79% so clearly this was an event that a great many people in the village felt strongly about. It will be interesting to compare it with the forthcoming General Election.

Congratulations to the top five candidates, and commiserations to the unsuccessful four.

Special congratulations go to Shelagh Galbraith who, her sister informs me, is the first Carradale woman to sit on the EKCC.

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