16-03-09 Red Nose Roundup
at Carradale Primary School........

School report from Mrs Conley

Friday 13th was certainly not unlucky for the pupils of Carradale School!
Not having to wear school uniform and dressing instead in as much red as possible raised £35.
In the afternoon the children were able to play games they had devised themselves e.g.,
Coconut shy, Beat the goalie, Basketball shoot, Tennis balls into nets, Pin the red nose on the clown and we mustn’t forget – Sponge the staff!
Everyone had a great time taking part in the fun and even the staff ‘enjoyed’ getting soaked.
The children had decided to charge 10p and 20p for most of the games and the amount raised, including the sale of red noses, was £90, making a total sum of £125 which is a very commendable amount from so few children.
The local shop, Paterson’s, had a Red Nose collection box on display on the counter which attracted £60 and Mrs Arkell has very kindly given this to the children to add to their collection.
The total amount to be sent to Comic Relief therefore is a wonderful £185.

Many thanks go to all who contributed to this event in any way.

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