16-02-06 Murky Weather
True to form, no sooner did I mention that there were signs of Spring in the air but up blows a gale and driving rain. Just what was needed for St Valentine's Day evening. We braved the elements and had a very nice meal down at the Ashbank Hotel.

The weather has calmed down again now but it remains murky and changeable as can be seen on our webcam.

There was a mention of Dutch navy ships in the area, taking part in an exercise, so on our weekly shopping trip to Campbeltown yesterday I kept one eye to the sea in case there were any interesting vessels about.

We weren't to be disappointed either.
[M1096 Passau][A230 Pitka]

There was the Estonian command and support ship Admiral Pitka (A230) tied up at the Nato pier and presumably taking on fuel, riding at anchor the Dutch minesweeper Willenstad (M864), and then just as we were leaving town we spotted the German minesweeper Passau (M1096) just entering the Loch.

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