15-08-07 Holidays End
Across Argyll there will be parents breathing a sigh of relief as the long summer holidays finally draw to a close.

The kids return to Carradale Primary School and Campbeltown Grammar tomorrow.

Tarbert Academy returns to school today. Several of Carradale's older children go here instead of to Campbeltown Grammar School.

Skipness Primary School also returns today, as does Tarbert Primary. There are several children from Carradale attending both of these primaries instead of the one in the village.

The silence in our house is eerie to say the least.
[Carradale Kids back to School]
[Carradale Primary School][Tarbert Academy and Primary School][Campbeltown Grammar School]

I must apologise to the Parents Forum for Carradale Primary who were expecting me to be helping to represent them on the new Parent Council for the school.

As my own children no longer attend Carradale Primary I am no longer eligible to do so, but I wish everyone the very best of luck with establishing the new Council.

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