15-08-05 Playpark Meeting
There's a meeting of the Playpark Committee tomorrow evening to discuss fund-raising events. The meeting is at the pavillion at 6:30pm.

Anyone that is interested is welcome to attend.

From: Paul Coombs
Date: 15 August 2005
Subject: Dry Week in Carradale

I was in holiday in your village last week & what a wounderful week it was right up & till Thursday (No water), I did phone Scottish water as we had a young baby, Scottish water informed me "that at that moment didn't know of the problem, but would send someone out to investigate & would phone me back within 2hrs".

Phone me back did I say, wrong I have to phone Scottish water again, same story & they would phone me back within 2hrs, but this time if the water was not on within an 8hr period, fresh water would be deliveried by 8pm, again no return call, so my Wife phone, she was told the water would be back on by 10pm, but couldn't promise & by this point we were unable to go into Cambeltown to collect fresh water from the supermarket.

My Wife then decided to go to the Hotel for some soft drinks for the children, on her way to the hotel she called into the bakery & was met by a very plesent man, who not only opened the door, but said take what you like & if you run short I shall be open at 4am, what a nice chap, he also told my Wife that the water will be on by 22:30 & sure enough by 22:40 the water was back on.

So all in all good time was had by all.

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