15-05-13 March Power Off Kintyre
[The Carradale Goat]Good will payment to SSE customers.

Like myself others have received a letter regarding a goodwill payment for the loss of power in March 21-26.Attached is my payment but is underpaid with what time we were without power.SSE notified all customers that if power was off after 10am Monday 25th a payment of 35 would be paid and after each 12 hour period a further 27.I called SSE regarding shortfall on payment,like many others and they are checking back on their records of when we were restored power.It was Tuesday afternoon around 2pm,but they seem to have us down for Monday.A pleasant chat with the department dealing with this,they will get back to me within 10 days once they have a word with the engineers covering all areas.

ps. See post 18-04-13 SSE Roadshow Carradale on the 22nd May 2013.

For Roadshow details click HERE.Pages 1 & 2 with dates,times and locations of Roadshows.

Carradale Roadshow
Wednesday 22nd May
Carradale Hotel
10am - midday.

For compensation details read on:

Extreme weather in Kintyre and Arran March 2013

The high winds, ice and heavy snow that hit Kintyre and Arran on 22 and 23 March caused extensive damage to our network. Following a sustained effort by over 550 engineers and support staff we restored power to all customers by 29 March.

As these were exceptional circumstances we have decided to offer a goodwill payment of 35 to all domestic customers who remained without electricity after 10am on Monday 25 March (70 for business customers). We are also offering a further 27 for each subsequent full 12 hour period our customers continued to have no supply (54 for business customers).

To apply for your goodwill payment, please complete the form below. You don't have to do anything else after completing the form. Please note: it will take three to five weeks for us to get a cheque in the post to you.

Once again, thank you for your patience and support during this time.

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