15-03-07 Grants Deadline Approaches
A reminder for anyone thinking of applying to the East Kintyre Windfarm Trust for funding for a project. The closing date for applications to the Spring tranche is 30 March 2007, so get a move on.

If you do intend making an application you should contact the secretary, Geoff Page, for the relevent forms without delay.

Meanwhile Carradale Drama Group, still flush with success from Campbeltown Drama Festival, are off to Oban on Friday for the Lorn Drama Festival where we wish them good luck and success.

The festival has been running all this week, culminating on Friday with Carradale's performance at the Corran Halls.

Tarbert Academy's youth drama group are also in action this weekend with a performance in Irvine following their success at Campbeltown. Good luck to them also.
[East Kintyre Windfarm Trust]

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