15-01-08 Message in a Bottle
As the rest of the UK braces itself for another night of stormy weather I thought I'd calm things down a bit and publish this note received earlier today, all the way from Bangor in Northern Ireland.

Sir, I have recently retired and bought this computer.

I am still pressing things to see what happens and to my delight found Undiscovered Scotland Webcams. On seeing Carradale it brought back memories of when we holidayed there.

It seems from Google Earth to have changed a little. I seem to remember the house we stayed in was a crescent on the right and on the way to the harbour.

When we were there a violent thunderstorm raged one night and lightning hit the transformer in the field behind the house, blowing it off the pole. I think their name was McKenzie and he skippered, worked, or owned a fishing boat. Father and I were treated to a nights fishing and a breakfast of herring.

I remember a shark tied up by the tail on the harbour and not quite dead as when the tide came up to its head it revived to the horror of my mother. The boat was identical to those in most of the photographs and was registered in CN.
[Carradale Harbour 1953]
The photograph attached is from the summer of '53, and if memory is still correct, at my fathers back as he took it there was a cafe where we got ice cream sundaes, delicious at nine pence and one and three pence. In my mind it sat up on a small "cliff" and was of wooden construction.

That holiday is never far from my mind as often on a clear day I look out from Bangor, Co. Down, past the Mull to Arran. Carradale is 63 miles as the seagull flies.

The web site is unbelievable for a small community; the photo gallery must be the best in the UK, congratulations. Not a big word, you deserve more.

I now have the shipping tracker on Google, I have an interest in the sea, twenty years in Bangor Shipyard, trawlers and yachts, four years as engineer on a small coaster (Puffer type) circa '71 when we called into Campbeltown for building supplies for automated exchanges on Colonsay and Coll. Finally skipper of a 40' potter fishing from Larne to Donaghadee for three years.

Thank you again for a brilliant site and the memories.
I am the eldest of the three children in the foreground.

Crawford Phin

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