14-12-04 Ebay and boats and mother in laws
With Christmas fast approaching we've been rushing about getting things ready, buying presents, working on the house, just working in general, and organising a brief trip down to England to visit friends and relatives.

The good news is that the leaks in the roof appear to be well under control, limited to just two small corners. Hopefully they won't get any worse between now and when the roofers come to fix it properly. Craig's delivered the first consignment of timber yesterday which I'm going to use to construct a wooden lean-to/garage at the side of the house to keep my motorbikes out of the damp winter air.

Steph's mum is due in town today. She's coming up to look at buying a flat in Campbeltown. I hope Steph's warned air-traffic control!

I bought a boat the other day on the internet auction website Ebay. I'm picking it up while I'm away in England. It needs a bit of tidying-up, and an engine, but I think I've found something suitable which I also hope to collect while I'm away. It'll be enough to keep me and the kids amused for trips out onto the Sound and maybe across to the Isle of Arran. No doubt I'll want something a bit bigger in time though.

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