14-11-06 Divers Rescue Daisy the Dog
Daisy the Border Terrier was counting her lucky stars last week after being stranded on a ledge close to Carradale Point for three weeks!

The plucky little Terrier had gone down a cliff close to the Point whilst out taking a walk with her owners, the Stewarts, who were holidaying in Carradale in October. Despite searching and calling they were unable to find her and sadly returned to home near Roxburgh fearing the worst, leaving posters with contact details around the village.

Amazingly, weeks later, divers heard a dog barking by the Point and climbed up to rescue her from her cliff edge refuge. After getting the once-over by a vet she was declared fit, having probably survived her ordeal on little more than rainwater.

We hope that neither Daisy nor the Stewarts have been put-off returning to Carradale for a holiday next year, and hope that Daisy is soon back to full fitness.

[Carradale Camera Club]At a meeting of Carradale Camera Club yesterday a workshop on print mounting was held. The next meeting is in a fortnight.

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[Daisy and Charlie]

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