14-09-07 Flak Alley Driving
[Single Track Roads]The subject of the roads on Kintyre, and particularly the road through Carradale, have been the subject of much talk lately.

The B842 between Carradale and Campbeltown still has traffic lights just north of Ugadale following a landslide there some months back. Although the council appear resigned to having to spnd a lot of money on repairs there remains no further evidence of when any work will actually begin.

The single-track road north from Carradale to Claonaig continues to provide thrills and spills to those using it on a regular basis, with several accidents recently, and the usual selection of bemused drivers not familiar with the art and etiquette of driving on roads like this.

On the website of the Mull and Iona Chamber of Commerce you can find an excellent guide to Driving on Single Track Roads that applies just as well to Kintyre as it does to the islands. There's another very good guide on the Undiscovered Scotland website.

Driving on these roads isn't for the faint-hearted, especially if you only do it once or twice a year, and I've seen some classic examples of zig-zag reversing recently - particularly the lady I met at Sunadale who having eventually made it into the passing place was roaring with laughter at her own performance.

Not everyone is as courteous though, such as the driver of the white van to the right who steadfastly held up traffic and made no effort to pull over and let anyone pass for many miles.

Apologies to the people who have submitted photos for the website recently. I'm sorting them out and will put them on-line this weekend.

This weekend's car cleaning extravaganza at the Fire Station has been postponed. As soon as I have a new date for it I'll post it here.
[White Van Man]

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