14-09-05 Silence is Golden
For the first time in over a week we didn't wake up to the sound of chainsaws. The forestry appear to have finished clear-felling the hill behind Carredale.

It looks a little denuded now that so many of the pine trees have been felled. There's a good photo of this at www.geograph.co.uk but many more trees have been felled since this picture was taken by Paul Birrell.

Meanwhile it's almost time for Carradale's annual Duck Race and BBQ. This involves hundreds of sponsored yellow plastic ducks racing down the river. More details shortly.

Finally, I've added yet another panoramic picture to the gallery. This is a full 360 degree view of where we used to live before moving to Carradale: Tobermory, on the Isle of Mull. We hope you enjoy it.

From: Steve
Date: 14 Sept 2005
Subject: Geographs

Hello Gary
I was just submitting some pictures to the geograph site and I noticed that you also have been busy. Nice pics. Was it the onslaught of broadband that has inspired you to do this? I have submitted several pics myself since you first mentioned the site on the Goat. Please feel free to have a look at my profile: Steve Partridge

From: Donald Youngson
Date: 13 Sept 2005

Stumbled across your site by accident.
I used to live and work in Carradale so it brings back memories for me.I even used to play in the football team although badly.This would be back 85-91.
Hope you dont mind if I put a link to your site on mine.

Donald Youngson

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