14-08-05 Dry Week in Carradale
Whilst I was away in England attending my Grandma's funeral most if not all of Carradale was without water. For some the problem lasted only a few hours but for others it was over a day before the mains supply was restored. Presumably this had something to do with distance from the pumping station.

Elsewhere and roundabouts spring-fed houses have been experiencing little or no water for some time now due to the warm and dry weather conditions. People in other parts of the country might not realise just how many households around here aren't on the mains supply and depend upon springs, burns and boreholes for all of their water. We've had some rainfall now though so hopefully their tanks will be starting to fill up again.

Scottish Water have come in for some criticism for not keeping people properly informed of repairs, not even a mention on their website.

From: Robin
Date: 12 Aug 2005
Subject: Scottish Water

There is no news on the Scottish Water web site regarding the lack of water in Carradale. Apparently drinking water was to be delivered by 11pm. Luckily it rained today so we can fill the toilet cistern.
Scottish Water should at least publicise what is happening on their web site.

From: RobertsonL49
Date: 10 Aug 2005
Subject: 13-07-05 Carradale AFC

1985 TEAM still have a little puff left/can't wait to play on the old park again and see Nonnie/Bob/and Lachie, we had some good games and bad games. Back at the Crubin we sank a few, Nonnie put up with a lot but a good laugh he had !!!!!!! Very surprised that he is doing it again, we must not have been that bad. Hopefully we will try to arrange a game in September but it better be soon as the old diary is filling up.................

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