14-04-08 Turned Out Nice Again
You can tell Spring is well on the way when yachts start to appear in Carradale Bay.

The last few days have been fine although the temperatures remain cool, so to give people an idea of conditions here we've set up our very own weather station.

Readings are updated every ten minutes throughout the day and night, and records data such as windspeed and direction, rainfall, temperature, humidity and pressure. It's just a text readout at the moment but we hope to jazz it up a bit in coming weeks.

Meanwhile we've been sent some great photos for the gallery, and have also added some more to the Bygone Days section.
[Weather Station comes to Carradale]

[Carradale Goat Merchandise]We were asked some time back whether it was possible to buy merchandise branded with the website name. Half in jest, we replied that we we'd look into and then a few weeks ago, by chance, came up with the solution.

Cafe Press is a website in the USA that specialises in this sort of thing.

We were able to upload the website logo and then they convert this into a design suitable for printing.

We've set up a section on the site where you can order from a range of items, all branded with the Carradale Goat logo. We don't make any money from orders placed on the site. There's a free pint waiting for the first person to accost me in the Glen Bar wearing one!

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