14-03-11 Farewell Campbeltown
After firing her 11 gun salute HMS Campbeltown leaves for the last time.

Departing gracefully accompanied by her escorting tugs, Campbeltown pilot boat,Campbeltown Lifeboat and some other small boats she leaves Campbeltown Loch never to return.She will steam south to visit St Nazaire in France were her namesake blew up the German submarine pens before heading back to Plymouth for her decommissioning next month.

It was a sad sight for myself being born in Campbeltown,growing up as a youngster I joined TS Campbeltown (Sea Cadets) which was very enjoyable and in the latter years had the privilege of tours and sailings aboard the ship. I have my momentos of a ships plaque (the bog myrtle of Kintyre) and hat band presented to me by Jim Mustard, ships warrant officer after the sailing in 2008 when she last visited the town.

Click on pics to enlarge.............or click HERE for small video leaving nato jetty.

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