14-02-13 Potholes Now Become Craters
Think we badly need a visit from the roads department pronto.

Its been gradually expanding over the past week and still no refilling being done.This brute of a potehole/crater on the Village hall stretch of road measures 5 long x 3.5 feet across which has been catching locals and visitors out especially in the dark and when full of water.

The roads department needs to get their inspector out more often as our roads in the area are suffering badly with the wet weather,lack of roadside ditching, and noted continuous traffic of heavily loaded lorries from Campbeltown passing through the village.

Small potholes which are bypassed when they do some filling soon become large in no time,why can they not fill all?
We are soon to be coming into the holiday/visitor time and our main arterial routes are a disgrace in places and will need further attention asap.The fuel situation is costly to motorists as it is without further costs incurred with wear and tear to our vehicles with the state of the roads.

Has anyone had damage done to their vehicle (and I know a few) and struggled to get compensation from the road authorities? To report potholes or light faults click ROAD-STREET LIGHT FAULTS.

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14th Feb 2013...Couldn't agree more with your comments.Was up in Carradale last night for Drama Club -road in very poor condition.

Anne Littleson.

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