13-09-12 Network Tearoom Closure
Will this be a last visit.

Last week Josie at the Network tearoom had a visit by a bus load of visitors (Bibbys Of Ingleton) from North Yorkshire.This is the second time they have made a trip to the tearoom this season (must be Josies good homebaking and soups attracting them all this way).

Sadly it may be the last they will sample her good produce as Josie is terminating her lease at the end of this month.Having done this excellant service for some years now,she will be sadly missed by the locals whom most meet on a daily/weekly basis to have a snack and chat.The visitors and groups also will feel the loss of our only tearoom in the village.

Whatever will happen now with the tearoom and heritage centre,we will have to wait and see,but in the meantime I and all else who supported Josie,Sandy and her family over the years would like to say a big thank you for all your effort and now enjoy a bit of home life with your grandchildren (congratulations to new baby).

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Comments:Re: 13-09-12 Network Tearoom Closure
I would like to thank Josie for all the time effort and hard work that she has put into the Network Centre. Her catering and friendly face will be missed by locals and visitors alike. Good luck with whatever you decide to do in the future.
Colin Burgess
Carradale House

Where am I going to get a cheese scone now Bob Jeffrey?

Marie Jeffrey

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