13-09-09 A Dogs Life
In memory of Corrie and her brother Gypsy and to welcome Harley.

As most folks may know Mary Stewart (Environmental Warden) the sad time in July when she lost both her dogs within weeks of each other having them for over thirteen years.

Well things have brightened up now for Mary with a newcomber in the shape of Harley a young black and tan Alsatian.I think Malky may have proposed that name being a bit of a bike enthusiast :)

Gypsy and Corrie in the dogs graveyard,Carradale Estate. The newbie Harley with his mum :)

[The Carradale Goat] [The Carradale Goat]
Re: Bernie Lacey
Date: 18th Set 2009
Subject: Re:13-09-09 A Dogs Life
Hi all at Carradale-Goat,

This is Bernie Lacey, whom Mary and Malcolm had ‘Harley’ from, here in ‘sunny Wolverhampton’! they sure made an epic journey for one of my little boys (and he was my favourite!) I intend to keep in touch and see how he grows, both in size and the local community, (I can see he is a star already!). I can honestly say I couldn’t have wished for a better new ‘mom & dad’ and the environment he will live in.

I’ll be a regular on your site, and also with Mary and Malcolm.

It’ll be nice to keep in touch.

Bernie xx

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