13-08-07 The Glorious Twelfth plus 1
[Start of Grouse Shooting Season]Although yesterday was the Glorious Twelfth because it was also a Sunday the Grouse have been given an extra 24 hours of grace till the shooting begins.

That's Red Grouse, of course, for the season for Black Grouse doesn't get underway until 20 August 2007, which is also a Sunday, and for both species lasts through until the 10th day of December.

My own background tends more towards the Pheasant - many of which can be seen in the fields, woods and roadsides close to Carradale - but I've not had the opportunity to shoot anything more nutricious than a clay pigeon for many years now.

Last night was a bit of a let-down for anyone hoping to get a good show from the Perseids.

Although the weather was promising earlier in the evening by midnight a solid layer of cloud prevented any possibility of the hoped-for celestial caberet. We shall have to look forward with anticipation to November 17 when the annual Leonids meteor shower returns.

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