13-06-06 Happy Campers
My note of a couple of weeks back, about tourists and the narrow roads, seems to have hit one or two sensitive nerve-endings with two replies from visitors to Kintyre and Carradale in particular.

Ian and Ann write to say that they're always careful to let people pass when they're coming to Carradale, and dread meeting another caravan at Grogport. They were visiting the village last week and so would have enjoyed some great weather.

Kevin writes to say that they've stopped coming to Kintyre after seven years partly because of the driving habits of residents, and comments that the Police let the locals get away with it. [GoatNote: Not in my experience, they don't.]
[Drive Friendly]

The recent question mark hanging over School Transport seems to have been resolved. We had a note from the School to say that they've put forward all the children currently receiving transport, plus this year's P1 intake, as requiring transport on safety grounds. Hopefully the council will accept the school's assessment of the road.

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