13-05-10 Watch Out For The Peacock
If your driving up the B842 north of Carradale at Crossaig you may see this majestic bird.

[The Carradale Goat] [The Carradale Goat]

From:Steve Partridge

Watch out for it! I did just that yesterday, and when I was about three feet away from it, it decided to run in front of my lorry. Lucky for him, I had slowed right down so he'll live to jump in front of someone elses lorry or car or motorbike................


From:Graeme Semple

Hi to All Carradale Goat followers,Re The peacock.----- Beware ---They are magnificent birds they are intelligent,(like most birds and animals) they are excellent at keeping aphids and other bugs off your roses and flowers, they respond to voice and movement of humans and Labrador dogs . But they have a problem . ----- They SH*T everywhere , on steps , on newly built decks round the house and everywhere you wish to walk. The last one we had , had to go to a wildlife where it could sh*t without a blast of human vocal invective.

Regards Graeme and Wilma Semple

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