13-04-11 Ministers Farewell
[The Carradale Goat]Rev John Vischer's last few days in Carradale.

Sunday service at Saddell and Carradale linked with Skipness was Rev John Vischer's second last service in the parish and this was followed with a buffet lunch in the village hall, during which John and his wife Elizabeth were presented with gifts from the parish. Next week after his last service, the congregations will say goodbye as John, Elizabeth and the family move to Haddington West Church linked with Garvald and Morham where John accepted a recent call to. Everyone is sad to see the family move on, but wish them every blessing to their new charge. Who knows what lies ahead for the congregations now.

Picture shows John and Elizabeth with their children (left to right) Finlay, Jennie, Lizzie and Megan ( who also celebrated her 11th birthday on 10th April).

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