13-01-07 Irons in the Fire
One Carradale resident has sent us a photograph of some mysterious objects that were found buried in the roots of a tree that came down in his garden during the recent gales.

He says "They were found in a cluster, just visible, at the underside of the fallen tree stump. They are obviously made of iron; most are square in cross-section and two have points on the long end."

From their position under the tree they must have been there a long time, perhaps from when the tree was quite young. The tree itself is thought to be between 300-350 yrs old and stood just inside a man-made earth bank that was probably a field boundary.

My first thoughts are that they're some kind of farming tools or implements, and would probably have been fitted to a wooden handle - maybe for reed or crop gathering - or maybe some kind of boat hook.

What do you think? We'll all be interested to hear suggestions.
[Mysterious Objects]

[Carradale Camera Club]The Carradale Camera Club dinner went very well with 23 members and/or partners attending, and the Glen Bar and Restaurant serving-up fine food to compliment the good company.

It wouldn't have been a camera club event without a few cameras being present, and last night was no exception with JD keeping us all on the hop.

Discussion ranged from local history to natural history, and of course the ubiquitous digital vs traditional debate.
[Carradale Camera Club]

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