13-01-06 Campbeltown Ferry on the Rocks
It seems plans to re-establish the Campbeltown-to-Ballycastle ferry have foundered as the local newspaper reports that none of the companies invited to tender have done so.

The four companies that were invited to tender were: Harrison's (Clyde) Ltd, the Isle of Man Steam Packet Company, Serco Denholm, and Western Ferries.

This is very bad news for the town, and Kintyre in general, as the re-establishment of this link would have brought lots more people into the area, and there was the additional possibility of a link-up with a town on the Ayrshire coast. Is the smart, virtually brand new, ferry terminal in Campbeltown destined to become little more than a glorified woodshed?

All may not be lost, however, as Campbeltown businessman James Robertson says his company, Dalriada Shipping, could have a service up and running by Easter this year. According to the newspaper, the Executive didn't think the company had sufficient experience in the field to be invited to tender. We'll just have to wait and see...
[Davaar on the rocks at Groomsport]

It's a wild and windy day today. Not the sort of weather to go traipsing round the countryside so I'm staying indoors where it's nice and warm. I'm expecting the electricity to fail at an moment though as the lights keep flickering. Fingers crossed...

From: Dorian Graves
Date: 10 Jan 2006
Subject: Gorgeous Sunrise Photographs

Outstanding sunrise pictures on the Carradale Goat! Congratulations on climbing to 13th place. You deserve it.

Glad to see you back.

From: Wendy McIntosh
Date: 9 Jan 2006
Subject: 09-01-06 Soup and Sandwiches

Lving the Carradale Goat, what a great way to keep in contact with the village "news" you "beaut" sunrise photo ..... sometimes we get the odd gorgeous sunrise here in brissie aussiel and we have been sweltering in the heat here over the last few weeks and still managed to have a mamouth hail storm on saturday night ........ howdoesthatworkthen?
keep up the the great blahs......

[GoatNote: Glad you like it, Wendy.]

From: Anne Parton
Date: 9 Jan 2006
Subject: 21-02-05 Antlers Locked

Could you please tell me the e-mail address od Geoff Page, editor of the Antler

[GoatNote: Message forward to Mr P]

From: Steve Partridge
Date: 6 Jan 2006
Subject: The Glen Bar

Is there any particular reason why the Glen is closed? Was it planned?

The reason I ask is that I will be driving to Carradale tomorrow (Saturday) and staying for most of the week!

May bump into you.

[GoatNote: No Steve, just a scheduled closure to give the staff a short break after the busy Christmas and New Year period. Maybe see you for a pint at The Hotel?]

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