12-11-07 Lest We Forget
The recent wet and dismal weather started to clear a little on Sunday, being bright and dry for the Armistice Day Memorial Service on Sunday last, to which there was a good attendance in Carradale.

The tradition of selling artificial poppies to raise funds to help the survivors of war appears to have been started by a frenchwoman, Mme E.Guerin, who had seen real poppies being sold for the same purpose whilst visiting the USA. She brought the idea back to France with her and from there the idea snowballed.

Last year 26 million was raised through the sale of poppies and associated items, and this year some 36 million poppies have been distributed. How that money is spent is decided by the Royal British Legion and the Royal British Legion Scotland, and there are around 10.5 million people in the UK eligible to to apply for their help and support.
[Poppies growing on the Somme. BBC]
In recent months the Royal British Legion have been campaigning for better treatment for veterans returning from current conflicts, such as Iraq and Afghanistan. More information about this can be found in the Honour the Covenant section of their website.

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