12-08-07 Perseids Performance
This weekend sees the arrival of the annual Perseids meteor shower, with the peak activity expected late tonight and early on Monday.

The Perseids occur when the Earth passes through a cloud of space debris associated with the comet Swift-Tuttle, and is an annual event.

Hopefully tonight's skies will be clear as combined with a new moon the changes of seeing a splendid display of shooting stars are high.

The shooting stars will come in from the north east, the direction of the constellation Perseus after which they're named.

An added bonus is that the planet Mars should also be visible after midnight, as a red star above the eastern horizon.
[Perseids Meteor (C)NASA]

[Carradale Camera Club]If you haven't been along to the Camera Club's exhibition in the village hall yet then hurry along it closes at 5pm today.

There's a great selection of work covering a whole range of subjects.

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