12-06-12 Geoff Page
The "Antler" Editor.

I received this announcement from Geoff's wife Mary that Geoff is in the Southern General Hospital Glasgow after suffering a stroke on Sunday 3rd June at his home Benbeculla,Waterfoot,Carradale.He is recovering slowly and will be in hospital for some time.

The "Antler" is unlikely to be published this month and its continuation is uncertain.

[Ed Note:Having had this unfortunate happening all that is worrying both Mary and Geoff,what will happen to the "Antler".

All I can suggest to both of you and many others may agree is forget about that at this time,your health comes first,get well and see what the future brings.I'm sure many of us will be at hand to help when you return home.

Geoff is in Ward 56 (Zone 4) of the Sothern General Hospital Glasgow and we all wish you a speedy recovery.]

Re: 12-06-12 Geoff Page

14 June 2012

Get well soon Geoff

best regards,

Jim Macgregor

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