12-04-13 An Experiance As A Young Boy
What it felt like by Donald Milne.

This brought back memories of some nights out on Archie Paterson's father's boat ( Fairy Queen?) and references to a wee bit jabble! It was always a lot more terrifying to a wee boy! In fairness I don't think it was ever quite this bad! Hope to make it to Carradale sometime this year.

This video is of commercial fishing boats coming back from fishing out off the coast of Washington & Oregon, they are crossing the Columbia Bar.
This is where the Columbia River meets up with the Pacific Ocean. This is designated as one of the most dangerous ports of entry anywhere in the world. There are at least 8 to 10 deaths per year with dumb ass people trying to get in or out in boats that are not made for this kind of severe beating that you see these boats going through. These boats are self-righting, super low center of gravity, sealed engine compartments, basically bullet proof glass windows, double steel hulls. Well, you get the idea. They are commercial shrimp and fishing boats. I have actually seen it so bad that the Coast Guard has closed it due to waves of 35 to 45 feet. It is quite a sight to see. Watch the U-tube video and tell me if you would like to have been a crew member on either of these 2 boats.

Trust my model puffer survived the Network renovations? Donald Milne.[I am assured it is in safe keeping Donald,see you soon. JD]
Comments:21st April Re: 12-04-13 An Experiance As A Young Boy

Hello Donald,I just watched the video whilst sitting on my sofa and feel a bit queasy!hope you are well.
Hope to see you later this year,Jose.

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