12-03-05 Care and Maintenance
It's been a day for catching up on some maintenance around the place here.

The buckets under the two leaks in the roof needed emptying after last night's rain and gales. The roof of our house is well over a hundred years old so a few leaks are understandable. We're planning on having it completely replaced this spring so not long to go now.

The LPG-powered Landrover hasn't been running very well lately and so I spent an hour under the bonnet this morning. LPG doesn't burn quite as easily as petrol and rapidly shows up any faults on the ignition system. I've fitted new Luminition spark plug leads but I also found that one of the eight spark plugs had a cracked ceramic insulator. Luckily I had a few spare spark plugs in the shed so replaced it. The engine is now running much better, on petrol and LPG, but a trip to Glasgow is called for before too long to have the system serviced and setup again.

Next on the list was the speedboat. I've made a cover for it from a tarpaulin and this needed a bit of trimming and fixing. She's ready to go down to Waterfoot now and join the other boats. There was still about four gallons of petrol in the tank which is probably getting a bit stale now. I poured this into the tank of my tatty old Series 2A Landrover which is happy to burn more or less anything and will re-fill the boat's petrol tank with nice fresh petrol on Monday.

After that it was time to check the email and catch up on some work. I'm evaluating a new server hosting company at the moment. They're dearer than the place I currently use but offer much more in the way of resources and flexibility. So far they're looking good. It's the same company as hosts the Isle of Gigha website.

A brisk walk down to the beach with the dog rounded-off the day. It looks like there's a second Heron camped out at Waterfoot now. Perhaps they're a pair?

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