12-01-07 Cyber-Sarachs
[Ticket to Ride]Visitors to Carradale or the Mull of Kintyre Music Festival may well remember The Wild Sarachs band who have written to tell us about their website which you can find at http://www.myspace.com/wildsarachs.

In addition to the latest band new you can also listen to several recordings of their music including Carradale Glen, taken from a new mini-album entitled "Campbeltown Loch Blues", the proceeds from which are to be donated to Opportunity Kintyre which was inspired by the Sirolli Institute's presentation last year.
[The Wild Sarachs]

Following on from JD's posting of photos from his recent trip down the Kilbrannan Sound I can report the wind is getting up again tonight with strong gusts already having taken some of the felt from my shed roof. We'll have to wait and see whether the listing Eucalyptus is still standing in the morning.

And finally a note to remind the local snappers that they're due in The Glen tonight for Carradale Camera Club's dinner and social. I wonder if anyone will be taking a camera with them?

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