11-09-08 Whither the Website
As the date for our move draws ever closer the future of the website has become a topic for conversation.

Contrary to one rumour, we're not looking to sell it for hundreds of pounds, although it's a nice idea :)

We have been approached by one or two parties, however, interested in taking it over.

It must be remembered that nothing in life is free, and anyone taking it on will need to bear in mind that I've been funding it myself these last few years to the sum of several hundreds of pounds.

Anyone taking it on will need to pay for renewal of the domain name (due in October), as well as finding server space to physically store it on. It currently occupies around 170MB of disc space.

On top of this must be considered bandwidth usage. This is the amount of data that is passed between the website and people visiting it. Currently that can be as much as 3GB per month and some internet service providers will want to charge extra for this.

Of course some of the website's features will no longer be available when we move. The webcam, weather station, and ship plotter are all dependant upon electronic equipment that will be moving with us. Replacing these alone would cost several hundred pounds. Even the Guestbook feature costs money each year.

There is no done deal yet, anyhow, and it may be that the site will just be frozen when we go.

We have been very touched by the number of emails from people saying how much they enjoy the site and will miss it if it ends. Thank you all.
[Moving from Carradale]

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