11-09-07 Building on the Past

Someone has been very busy out at Carradale Point.

I walked out to the Point a few days ago and was surprised to discover this small stone structure close by the cairn.

It's quite sturdy and even with no roof provides a fair degree of protection from the wind. Presumably the stone to build it came from the cairn.

I wonder if they put in a Planning Application to the Council? ;)

There was plenty of wildlife to see on my walk there and back, including some of Carradale's feral goat herd, Gannets, Cormorants, Goosanders, Pond Skaters, a multitude of gulls, and what I'm fairly sure was a Kestrel.

[Pond Sketers].[Carradale Goats]
[Shelter on Carradale Point]
[Kestrel above Carradale bay]

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