11-07-05 There She Blows
What a fantastic weekend! Not only has the weather been stunningly sunny and hot but yesterday there was a Minke whale swimming in Carradale Bay. Johnny D and Eila were out in the the bay when they spotted it out beyond the point. There's a larger picture in the Picture Gallery section.

It steadily got closer and closer until it swam right into the bay where it stayed for a while, swimming round and round. A lot of seabirds had been on the water earlier which suggests a lot of fish close to the surface so perhaps the Minke was feeding on these too.

He says the first thing they noticed was the sound as it blew, then the bad smell of its breath. Minke whales grown to as much as 9m and from what Johnny says this was a mature adult. He's reported the sighting on the HWDT website.

Davy tells me there were also dolphins or porpoises off Grogport Beach yesterday too.
[Minke whale by Carradale Point. JD]

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