11-05-05 Much Ado About Nothing Much
No entries for the last couple of days - been busy catching-up on all sorts of outstanding jobs.

Amongst these jobs was catching up on the emails we get sent in response to the website. I've added some of them to the bottom of earlier entries.

One correspondent, Margaret Hine, has asked if anyone knows of a Stuart Leibrandt who moved to Torrisdale some years ago. Apparently she knew him before he moved and would love to have some news of him. He will be quite old now though and she fears possibly deceased. If anyone knows then please drop us a line.

Took the kids out for a ride in the boat again yesterday as it was such a nice day. Of course, rushing things I didn't let the outboard warm up properly and it stalled in the river. Much hilarity then ensued as I attempted to re-start it. Eventually succeeded, having given a couple of friends a good chuckle at my exertions.

Makes note to self: MUCH easier to start an outboard when: a) it's not in gear; b) you're not kneeling on the fuel pipe!

Spent a couple of hours in the evening bobbing up and down in Campbeltown Loch with the local kayak and canoeing club. Out in the Loch is a really great place to admire the view of Campbeltown and the surrounding hills. I was glad not to get too wet though as I wouldn't fancy a mouthful of the water.

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