11-03-11 Carradale Skiff Mhairi
It's 100 years this week since the Mhari was lost with all souls.


It is our painful duty to report the loss of the Carradale fishing skiff Mhairi(CN 130)and all her crew -- one of the most distressing and no less mysterious disasters that has befallen the local fishing fleet in recent years.

The skiff Mhairi was the property of Mr Walter McIntosh, who was in charge, and the other members of the crew were his two sons and his nephew. The accident took place off Bunlarie Point, Saddell, about eight o’clock on Wednesday night, and while the actual cause of the disappearance of the craft is not known, it is generally surmised -- and the explanation appears highly credible and reasonable -- that, during a heavy shower accompanied by nasty squalls, the skiff, temporarily lost to the vision of the crew of the neighbour boat, foundered.

It appears that the skiff Mhairi, in company of the neighbour boat Isabella, in command of Daniel McIntosh (brother of the owner of the lost vessel) and other skiffs were in the vicinity of Saddell, proceeding to Campbeltown, when the fleet were was overtaken by a heavy shower accompanied by nasty gusts of wind.

Prior to the shower the night was good, a steady westerly breeze prevailing, but with the shower, awkward showers were encountered.

It is reported that the Mhairi carried more canvas than the other skiffs, and must have capsized and sunk in the darkness. Immediately the conditions cleared the crew of the Isabella, having lost trace of the Mhairi, made signs with the flambeau, but these were not responded to, and the crew of the Isabella, surmising that the Mairi had proceeded to take shelter in some of the many nooks along the coast, proceeded with the other boats to Campbeltown.

No trace of the Mhairi having been established yesterday (Thursday) grave fears were entertained as to the safety of the crew. A diligent search was organised, but without result, and it is generally accepted that the skiff with the four men on board must have foundered during the squalls.

Credit to Andy McIntosh on the Kintyre Forum for this poignant reminder......I also see a local planning application re: erection of memorial plague,the pier,Carradale by Duncan McIntosh from Waterfoot,Carradale who may be related to the above lost.

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