11-01-10 Local Weather And Roads Update
Yesterday started to see a thaw in the area with a fresh easterly wind.

Today is the same with a hint of rain which we may have had through the night with the rise in tempratures.
The ice packed road outside our house which has been there for over two and a half weeks is all but now gone.
The tempratures around are to be in the 4 degs range so rain or sleet will be on the go for a day or two with easterly winds.

With the thaw comes the threat of burst pipes so check your friends or neighbours who may be away or have holiday homes.

The road closure signs for Grogport Hill on the B842 north of Carradale have now been removed by Argyll and Bute Council this morning (Monday) and we hope in future that the local community will be better informed either by contacting a local community councillor,local website or radio.

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