10-09-09 Tree Down And No Water
It was timber across from the Village Hall carpark today as the FORESTRY COMMISSION decided to fell a large Sycamore tree that was completely rotten at the base as you can see in the pics.

Barry Bruce, our local area manager along with his work colleagues and a hired tree felling contractor made short dropping of the old tree.

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Scottish Water supplies to the village were disrupted today.The water went off around 10.30am this morning with problems at the Water pumping station at Moinuruadh.

Calls to the company requesting some bottled water were turned down as you have to be off for more than 12 hours.Some parts of the village had water restored around 6.00pm, but our water supply (always last) only came back on at at a very reduced pressure around 12.30am (Friday morning).Full pressure was returned at 10.30am that morning.

Water bottles were available at the Bakers shop at 2.00am Friday morning, but no notice was mentioned of this.I raised this with SW and indicated that the west side of the village should also have had a supply and this was noted.

Contact number for SW 0800 731 0804

Update from Scottish Water:
The water level alarm system failed at the treatment plant which activates when there is a water shortage problem (filters,breakdowns etc) hence the emptying of the resevoir tank which was only noticed when a site worker visited the site on the Thursday.
Once the tank is empty it can take some time to refill and some households will be without for a bit longer due to location and water flows.

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