10-01-08 Gone with the Wind
More reports of storm damage coming in today.

The football club's equipment shed was completely demolished by the strong winds and is beyond repair - thankfully there appears to be no damage to the mower that was stored inside it - and a conservatory in Carradale East lost part of its roof.

Another victim of the storms was the webcam that serves this website. It suffered water damage after its weather-proof container was blown away in the night. Luckily we had a spare camera and normal service has now been resumed.

The antenna you can see above the webcam is connected to the VHF AIS receiver, and helps provide the Ship Plotter information.

Anyone watching this morning could have watched as the tanker Clyde Fisher eventually made it into Campbeltown Harbour, 36 hours late after having been forced to ride out the weather in the Sound.
Clyde Fisher in Campbeltown Harbour
[Carradale Webcam takes a battering]

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