10-01-07 Eucalytus Eulogy
It's nearly the end of the first week of the New Year and Carradale is settling back into its usual routines.

Today has been bright and sunny, which makes a change, but all around the village there are reminders of the the New Year gales with sawn-up trees and fallen branches still littering the verges and the tree across the avenue walk still unattended to.

Out at the Network Centre one of the two fine Eucalyptus trees seems to be leaning more than it was last year, with the leaves of the lower branches brushing the top of the old wheelhouse there.

It would be a tragedy if this gorgeous tree had to be felled as a result. What would any visiting Koalas do for food then?

Seriously though, these are a pair of lovely mature trees, with the strikingly multi-coloured bark of their type, and the loss of even one of them would be a lamentable.
[Koala Cafe, Carradale]

Elsewhere about the village there's a Whist Drive in the village hall on Friday, 12 Jan 2007 at 7:30pm. All are welcome as usual.

[Carradale Camera Club]Also this Friday, Carradale Camera Club are having their annual dinner in The Glen Bar in advance of the start of the new year's schedule.

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