09-08-11 Italian Cafes In Campbeltown
[The Carradale Goat]A preview this Friday evening to invited guests,open to the public Saturday 13th onwards.

The Grumoli family who some of us may have know and like myself had a class mate many years ago,well known for their ownership of the town cafes and excellent ice cream.

Ex Italian Cafe Staff invited to celebrate 100 years of Scots/Italians in Campbeltown

It is 100 years this since Leo Grumoli first arrived in Campbeltown from Barga in Italy when he and many other Italians took their families to Scotland for a better life. Most people in Campbeltown over 40 will remember the” top middle and bottom” cafes with great affection as they provided a great meeting place for all us over the years and served the best food in town. The story of Leo and his family over the generations will be exhibited on 9 colourful banners in a joint project with Alba Heritage Trust and Argyll and Bute Library Service. This is a follow up to the Back to the Future Day last August when over 400 people came to celebrate the cafes and dance halls in Campbeltown and the public wanted to see more!

A family tree and a map showing where all the Italians settled on the west coast of Scotland will be on display drawn by local artist Rosslyn Oman and posters and story boards will be designed by designer Dawnne McGeachy who now lives in Glasgow but visits home regularly. The 9 panels were researched and organised by Information and Local Studies Librarian, Eleanor Mc Kay from Dunoon who has worked closely with the Grumoli /Togneri family to tell the story of the wider family over the century.

All those who worked in the Italian cafes in Campbeltown who would like to attend the launch of the exhibition on 12th August in the Aqualibrium to toast the Italian families and the memories of the cafes should e-mail pamelagalbraith@yahoo.co.uk or call 01586550453 to reserve a place. Invitations are limited so they will be issued on a first come, first served basis so let us know if you are interested ASAP. We can promise a great night and the talented family’s story is heart warming, but at times sad, especially during the war years. We look forward to hearing from you.

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