09-05-08 Headbangers
Carradale's herd of feral goats have been getting a bit boisterous recently, as these photos perhaps demonstrate.

Establishing who's boss and hierarchy in the herd looks to be a painful process.

[Carradale Goats go head to head][Carradale Goats go head to head]

Also out and about that day were this pair of Sandwith Terns, distinguishable from other terns by the lighter tip to their beaks.

The water in the ditch beside the path running by The Lodge is thick with tadpoles, and if you look carefully you can also see the occasional newt.

Still no sign of any Ospreys but a Cookoo was busily announcing its presence from futher up the Glen yesterday. Presumably that means summer's here!
[Carradale Goats go head to head]
[Sandwich Terns in Carradale Bay]

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