09-04-13 Network Scarecrow Hunt
More photos and the winner.
Network Carradale had a very successful scarecrow hunt last Sunday . Luckily the weather stayed sunny and over 60 people took part. Hunters were given a GPS and a question sheet which had a question about each scarecrow. They were also asked to give marks out of ten for the scarecrows that had been made by Carradale, Clackan and Glenbarr Primary Schools.
Most of the hunters found all of the scarecrows and got the questions correct but 2 teams shone, knowing that the head dress on the scarecrow of the Arab was called a kaffiyeh and noting that there were 2 caterpillars on the traditional scarecrow. A draw was made between these two teams and visitors to Carradale were the winners of the two large Easter eggs.
The competition between the 3 schools was also very close. Out of a possible 140 points the results were: - Carradale 113, Clackan 110 and Glenbarr 106 so Carradale wins the 30 prize money.
Network Carradale would like to thank all those who took part and made our first scarecrow hunt such a success.
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