09-02-12 Campbeltown Drama Festival
[The Carradale Goat]Carradale performing this Tuesday night 14th February (see info).

Carradale performiing "THE BEACH HUT" by Mark Rees..............Click highlighted text for some comedy images.

This one-act play chronicles the final moments in a marriage that has lasted many years despite the conflicting personalities of the partners. Vera and Geoff have been married for 'forty bloody years'. It has not been an idyllic marriage. Geoff has never really been able to express himself in this matriachy. Vera has pretentions to 'breeding'. A sort of Hyacinth Bouquet, but her past is by no means lilly white. They do however share one thing: their love of their beachside chalet in Scarborough. Geoff would rather that their location was closer to the pier with the lively holidaymakers and the bikini clad young girls but Vera has insisted on a more sedate site further down the front. It is on one of their afternoons at the chalet that both reach the end of their tether. Vera plans to poison Geoff at the same time as Geoff has planned a gory end for Vera.

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