09-02-10 Lakeland Are Go
LAKELAND MARINE FISHFARM company arrive in Carradale.

Lots of activity in and around Carradale Harbour the last few days as one of Lakeland Marines workboats arrived on scene to start setting up the fishfarm cages mooring anchors just north of the harbour this side of Grianan Island.
The fairly new workboat Sarah Jane from the Oban area has the task of laying the huge anchors which weigh in the region of 3 tons each as seen in the pics.Once the moorings are completed and they will be by the end of the week the cages will be towed from Oban to the site to be set up.
Top three pics are of the boat in Carradale harbour doing some alterations to the anchors,bottom pics are of the workboat on site stting up the moorings.Bottom left pic shows the mooring bouys looking from the quay,not very visible on this pic as resized.

Check out the news HERE.

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