09-02-06 Foggy Bottom
Carradale's Pre-5 Nursery recently took part in a Racial Equality Poster Competition and became one of the three runners-up in the Argyll & Bute area. The competition was open to school children of all ages across Scotland and so the pre-5s did very well to rank so highly.

The prize-giving will take place at the City Chambers in Glasgow on 15 March 2006 and it is hoped that Val, the children, and parents will be able to travel over to receive their prize in person.

[Nonnys Nuts]Just when Yer Maan thought it was safe one of the regular's brings in an aged copy of the Campbeltown Courier from 1982 and there he is in the sports section (---->)

Meanwhile, back on the beach, JD tells me that the water board have in fact been out to look at the loose pipe at Port Righ but that they'd decided they need to get a contractor with a ship to make safe the pipe and effect a permanent repair. More than one person has already suggested that this is just a delaying tactic by Scottish Water. Hopefully they'll get this sorted out before the start of the tourist season.

The weather has been changeable of late but the last couple of days have been very sunny and I have a host of new photos to add to the gallery section. Check them out because, you never know, you might be in one of them!

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