09-01-08 The Big Blow mk.II
Much of Carradale went 'off-air' last night during strong winds that cut power to much of the village, ourselves included, shortly after midnight.

Power wasn't restored to some parts until around 7:30pm the following day, and the village primary school was closed.

By morning, however, these had pretty much blown themselves out or moved across to the eastern side of the country leaving the rest of us to sort out the mess.

Between Carradale and Tarbert my wife counted eight trees down across the road, having to wait while they were cleared out of the way to continue her journey to school.

In Carradale itself there was a tree downed across the road between the telephone exchange and village hall, and another had taken down electricity wires by Mains Farm. One resident had a very near miss when a substantial tree fell in the narrow gap betwixt her house and greenhouse.
[Trees Down in Carradale]
Tree down close to the Bay Road.

One surprising refugee from the storm was to be found sheltering in Carradale Bay, as the photos show. This rather large cargo ship chose to avoid the worst of the weather by riding it out in the comparative safety of the Bay.

She was still there at lunchtime today but wasn't broadcasting AIS data and so doesn't appear on our Ship Plotter display. If she's still there tomorrow I'll try and read her name with my binoculars.
[Sheltering from the storm in Carradale Bay]
The morning after...
[Sheltering from the storm in Carradale Bay]
A refugee from the weather.
[Trees Down in Carradale]
Power lines downed by tree near to Mains Farm.

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