08-11-17 East kintyre Community Council
Draft minutes of 2nd November Meeting.

Meeting held in Carradale Village Hall
2nd November 2017

Stuart Irvine (SI) (Convenor), Eleanor Sloan (ES) (Secretary), Robert Strang (RS), Ronnie Brownie(RB), Ian Brodie(IB) Bill Bidmead(BB) Charles McMillan(CM) (Treasurer)

In attendance –
Anne Horn (AH), Rory Colville (RC), PC Harper
4 Members of the public (MoP)

At 7pm –Stuart Irvine opened the meeting and welcomed the attendees

2. Apologies
Apologies from Robin Currie, Trish Collins.

3. Minutes of last meeting – 05/10/17
Minutes were proposed by Ronnie Brownie seconded by Robert Strang.

4. Visit by Alastair Redman
Despite reassuring us via the Campbeltown Courier that he would attend this meeting – Alastair Redman did not appear. SI to take this on board and perhaps write to the courier, with an invite and query regarding his absence.
Action – Stuart Irvine will take this forward.

5. Treasurers report
Balance on 29/9/2017 was £1921.58

6. Brackley Cemetery
Robin Currie has been pursuing this – he has contacted FCS regarding the road to the cemetery – we are unaware of the outcome of this.
It was suggested that there are 4 or 5 mounds of chips from the B842, sitting at the end of Brackley road end – could these be used to fill in the potholes…
RS commented of the dreadful state of the cemetery – he took photos and has sent them to Anne Horn and Robin Currie. At a funeral recently the coffin bearers were standing ankle deep in mud. AH forwarded the photo to Paul Martin who has said that when the grass cutting stops, remedial work begins.
It was generally agreed that pathways and drainage is needed. Alan Walker said that there were holes in lairs. SI told us that Robin Currie had said Paul Martin responded to our previous concerns by saying “we live in a wet area, the grass is long and it gets muddy, nothing can be done”
Anne Horn agreed to contact Pippa Milne as it was generally agreed that this situation is not good enough and it has been going on for years with little or no resolution from the council. It was suggested contacting the Courier to help to share our concerns.
Action – Stuart Irvine and Anne Horn will take this forward

7. Hall to school path
SI has spoken to Colin Burgess and he informed us that the council are going to start clearing the rhododendrons – although there is no actual start date.

8. Planning
There is no relevant planning.

9. Kerb stones and Port Righ pavement
No updates – AH to chase up
Action –Anne Horn will take this forward

10. WIFI
No updates

11. Water problem at man-hole cover at harbour
The man hole cover problem is ongoing and it’s generally felt it will have to be dug up and fixed properly.

12. Road signage
Aileen McNichol has told SI that the new signs will be going up in the next 6 weeks.
Alan Walker said that he was still unhappy that the council did not agreed to put road bumps in place on the Shore Road to slow down fast drivers – the excuse was that it would impede emergency services from progressing along the road – this was felt to be unrealistic, speed bumps do not stop emergency vehicles in other areas.

13. Cour road surface
This has all been fixed.

14. AOB
We received a letter from the permanent residents of Port Righ – asking for our support in their petition to remove a street light from Port Righ, this light has not worked for several years and the residents enjoy the darkness. A separate householder has asked ABC to fix the light and this has sparked a response from the other residents. EKCC agreed to support the permanent residents and will write to Pippa Milne informing her of this.
ES asked if the council had ever considered switching the streetlights off in the wee hours to save energy and money – as is done in some other areas. AH I informed us that the council have a set amount of money that they pay for their electricity and switching the lights off wouldn’t affect this.
ES and SI have had an email from a resident of Saddell, Tommy McPherson, who is keen to be more involved with EKCC – he has requested to be on the email list – and is hoping to attend meetings in the future – we all look forward to meeting him.
SI has been asked to request a new road sign being placed at the top of the harbour brae – near where the bank used to be, a warning sign of pedestrians on the road. It was also mentioned that the road markings at Shore Road and the harbour road have deteriorated and it is not obvious who has right of way. Anne Horn agreed to chase these up.
Action –Anne Horn will take this forward
Lachie Paterson thanked the EKCC for allowing him to use stones to fill in some of the pot holes on the bay road and access to the beach – for his daughter’s wedding. He was thanked for his efforts in filling the potholes which will benefit the whole community.

15. Date of next meeting

7pm – 07/12/2017

Stuart closed the meeting at 7.25pm and thanked everyone for attending.

The East Kintyre Wind Farm Autumn Tranche meeting took place after this meeting.

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